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If you have an inground swimming pool in your backyard, you sure are living the dream of millions of homeowners. Your backyard oasis is an excellent place to relax and spend some quality time with your family and friends. But just like being a homeowner, being a swimming pool owner comes with its share of responsibilities. 

We are talking about swimming pool maintenance that will not only keep your pool sparkling clean but is also crucial for the health of your loved ones. While some aspects of pool cleaning and maintenance can be managed on your own, everything beyond the basics is best left to the professionals. 

Take a look at some of the top reasons why you should hire professionals for regular pool maintenance:

1. Chemical Treatment of Pool Can Be Complicated

Maintaining a healthy swimming pool takes a lot more than just getting an inground pool constructed in the backyard and filling it with water. The chemical treatment of the pool water is vital for keeping it clean and healthy. But using the correct chemicals in the right proportion is not something that a lot of pool owners know about. 

Even if you are ready to learn everything about the chemical treatment of the swimming pool, you should know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach applicable here. Every swimming pool is different, and the chemical treatment needs of each one of them can be very different too. 

So, watching a few YouTube videos or reading a few blog posts online will not provide you the knowledge that is right for your swimming pool. Moreover, apart from adding chemicals to the pool in the right proportion, even their storage is important as many of the chemicals are hazardous and corrosive. 

Professionals work with all the different types of swimming pools on a daily basis. They have the experience, knowledge, chemicals, and tools to get things done in the correct manner.

2. Effective Protection against Contaminants

Transmission of coronavirus through pool water is also a cause of concern during this pandemic. While medical experts suggest that COVID transmission through water bodies is highly unlikely, it is still wise to take every possible precaution. 

Multiple scientific studies have proven that when chlorine and other disinfectants are added to the pool water, the chances of transmission are close to none. If your pool water has the right chemical balance, there is no reason to worry about the transmission.  

Apart from coronavirus, many other types of bacteria and fungi could contaminate the pool water. Chemical balancing is the single most effective way to tackle this problem. Pool experts thoroughly understand chemical balancing and their expertise could help you keep the pool water safe and free from harmful contaminants. 

3. Saves Time

 If you have a swimming pool at your home, you’d definitely want it to be sparkling clean at all times. But a sparkling clean and healthy pool needs regular cleaning and maintenance. Most homeowners or their family members do not have the time to get involved in pool cleaning and maintenance every now and then. 

Here is a brief overview of basic pool maintenance-

  • Balancing pool chemicals
  • Shocking the swimming pool if needed
  • Cleaning skimmer baskets
  • Monitoring pool equipment
  • Cleaning pool filter
  • Cleaning leaves and debris from the pool deck
  • Brushing pool surfaces

All of these activities need to be performed on a regular basis for maintaining the health, appearance, and hygiene of your swimming pool. Do you think you’ll be able to manage all of it on your own and that too regularly? Probably not! This is another big reason why you need to hire a professional pool maintenance service.

4. Preventive Maintenance

Swimming pools require expensive equipment. Once purchased, you’d definitely want the equipment to last for a very long time. But the nature of most of these equipment is such that if they are not taken care of, their shelf-life could get reduced significantly. They feature several moving parts, and the smallest of mechanical problems could affect their performance. 

If such small problems are not resolved at the earliest, it could lead to total failure, and you might then have to replace the equipment entirely. Swimming pool maintenance professionals understand the functioning of these equipment. With the help of preventive maintenance activities, they can help enhance the life of your pool equipment. 

A lot of pool owners prefer maintaining the pool themselves as they believe professional services are expensive. But in the longer run, professional maintenance actually helps you save a lot of time and money. 

5. Maintaining the Value of Your Swimming Pool

Nothing increases the value of your property like a swimming pool. It is very much possible that you invested thousands of dollars in a pool as you were sure that it would considerably increase the resale value of your home. But do you think that a neglected, broken, or dirty pool can help increase the value of your property? It won’t. 

Just like no owner would want to purchase a car that doesn’t work, the swimming pool’s value is lost if it is not properly maintained. In fact, a dirty and neglected pool will easily repulse buyers if you are planning to sell your property. 

On the other hand, a well-maintained and beautiful swimming pool in the backyard can help you add a tremendous appeal to your property. Needles to say, it can easily convert into a higher property reselling price. 

Professional Swimming Pool Maintenance Matters

As can be seen above, there are several valuable reasons that make regular pool maintenance by professionals a must for every healthy and clean swimming pool. While it is completely alright to use the DIY approach for basic cleaning and minor maintenance, you should only rely on professionals for everything beyond the basics. 

If you are concerned about the health and wellbeing of your loved ones and want to ensure that your pool remains sparkling clean and functional, professional maintenance is the way to go. 

Look for a reputable swimming pool maintenance company in your area to know more about the services they offer. 

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