San Diego Pool Service FAQ's

Does a pool need to be serviced every week?
Answer: If you want a pool that’s not only crystal blue but always PH balanced for health and safety then, YES, weekly service is mandatory. It doesn’t take long for your pool to become unbalanced and unfit to enjoy. Consistent maintenance is the only way to keep it sparkling clean and ready for use.
How much could a DIYer expect to pay to maintain a pool?
Answer: If you’re a homeowner that really LIKES to maintain everything around the house then DIY may be an option. Consider Backyard Pool & Spa’s Pool Consulting Services. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about maintaining your pool step-by-step. However, if you’re doing it in hopes of saving a few bucks on pool service then it may not be the most economical way to go.

Let say you make $15-$20/hr. If you’re spending 1 hour a week maintaining your pool that’s effectively $60-$80 a month. That’s just your time. Next add in the pool chemicals which will average about $50-$60 per month. Between your time and chemicals you’re already looking at about $110-$140 monthly. We still haven’t added in the time and gas it will take to go back and forth to the pool supply store.

Wouldn’t you rather be spending time with your family and enjoying your pool rather than worrying about it? Eliminate the headache of pool maintenance and spend this valuable time with your family. The certified professionals at Backyard Pool & Spa can maintain your pool for you.
Is price the most important factor when hiring a pool service company?
Answer: Definitely not. We all know the old adage “you get what you pay for” right? In other words, “cheaper isn’t always better”. For example, you might get a cheaper price from someone who is trying to break into the industry but they don’t have the experience. Because of this, they can’t warrant charging higher prices so they go cheap to get business. The risk is that their inexperience in proper pool maintenance can end up costing you dearly.

Here are the questions you should be asking your potential pool service companies before you begin price comparisons.

  • Is the pool company properly licensed and insured in your state or municipality?
  • Are they certified pool and spa operators (CPO) through the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF)?
  • Do they have 10+ years of experience (or more) in the pool service industry?
  • Do they have a high level of customer service and proof of their clients satisfaction
If you can find multiple pool service companies bearing the criteria above, then call them all for a FREE estimate. At this point you’re comparing apples to apples and it’s okay to compare prices.
Wouldn't it be easier if I took care of my pool?
Answer: In order to properly maintain your pool to ensure a safe and healthy swimming environment, you’ll have to adhere to a strict weekly maintenance schedule. It will include the balancing of all the pools chemical levels (chlorine, alkalinity, free chlorine, PH and TDS), brushing all your pools walls and steps, vacuuming your pool, emptying canisters to remove debris and more! If this sounds “easy” and enjoyable then maintaining your own pool may be for you.

Keep in mind that certified pool and spa professionals, such as the technicians at Backyard Pool & Spa are trained to notice subtle changes in your pools performance. If they sense an issue they can immediately address it BEFORE it becomes a major problem. This kind of expertise is not something the common pool owner has but it will save you a lot of money and worries in the long run.
Why should I hire a pool service company?
Answer: In a nutshell… peace of mind and saving money are two very good reasons.

Don’t waste your valuable time searching for chemicals and educating yourself in order to properly maintain your pool. Your pool is for enjoyment so enjoy it, don’t worry about it.

Sooner or later most homeowners run into trouble and they end up calling a pool service company anyway. Unfortunately, the problem has become severe enough that it often takes a moderate amount of attention to remedy. Unexpected costs like this could be avoided by having a professional pool service company like Backyard pool & Spa to maintain your pool.
What are the most common pool safety tips I should be aware of?
Answer: Pool safety is crucial. Here are a few guidelines to help prevent any unfortunate injuries in or around your pool:

1. Whether your child knows how to swim or not, never leave them unattended while swimming.

2. Insure your pool is surrounded by a fence with vertical bars no more than 4 inches apart with self-locking, self-closing gates.

3. Water in your pool or spa lighting is a dangerous hazard…call a professional immediately.

4. Learn CPR and insist that anyone who watches your child knows CPR as well.

5. Make sure you always have life saving equipment like poles or flotation devices by your pool at all times.

6. Ensure that insulators are properly installed in timer boxes.
Is it necessary for my pool pump to run every day?
Answer: Yes. The purpose of your pool pump is to circulate your water and prevent it from sitting stagnant. Your pump should turn the water in your pool over at least once per day.
Why isn't my pool cleaner working?
Answer: A pool cleaner may not work right because there is a problem in the system such as, no suction, valve not set right, impeller clogged or improper flow but these reasons aren’t the norm.

Typically you simply have a bunch of leaves or a rock lodged in the cleaner that’s preventing it from moving. The first thing you should do is shut off the equipment, remove your cleaner from the pool, check the bottom for obstructions and remove it. With the obstruction removed, submerse the cleaner into your pool, turn on your pump (let it prime up) then check your cleaner again. Most likely it will be working. If not, it may be a problem mentioned above or it may need new parts. If you can’t figure it out, just call Backyard Pool & Spa, we’ll get things running right for you.
How often should i change the water in my pool?
Answer: Constant evaporation leaves minerals behind in your pool. As the minerals build up so does the level of dissolved solids and the waters hardness. When this happens, it becomes difficult to maintain a proper balance of chemicals and it’s harder to prevent stains. Luckily, this only needs to be done about once every five years. If you feel it’s time for your pool to be drained and refilled with fresh water and proper start up chemicals Backyard Pool & Spa can help.
Why doesn't my pool have enough suction?
Answer: This is a pretty broad question as the answer could be any number or combination of things. Here are some of the most common causes of weak suction. Your pool cleaner may be clogged with a rock, dirt or leaves. You might be missing the lid o ring OR it may be missing. The pump suction side and plumbing could have a suction leak. The pumps impeller may be obstructed or it may have a bad weir ring or diffuser. Your cleaner hoses might be cracked and sucking in air. The motor bearings may be going bad causing drag on the motor. There may be a high side restriction. If the problem is in the high side, the pressure gauge will read above normal. Another indication of blockage on the high side would be a stuck pop-up gear set assembly causing the gauge pressure to read high in-floor system. You may have an obstructed filter or faulty backwash valve preventing water from going through. The return lines might be accidentally closed off.
My pool motor is so noisy....Why?
Answer: Another broad question with a number of possibilities. Here are some of the most common culprits.

  • The pump basket may not be full of water.
  • The bearings may be wearing out.
  • There may be air trapped in the filter.
  • The impeller may be jammed with rocks and dirt.
  • The pop up assembly gear may not be rotating. If you notice this you should fixed it immediately. If left alone, pressure will continue to build until you develop leaks in-floor system.
  • You may have a suction leak.
  • Sometimes the suction on the pump is weak or the suction side is bearing too much load by the cleaner.
If you’re unable to diagnose or remedy your noise problem just call Backyard Pool & Spa. We’ll bring over 15 years experience in the pool industry and diagnose the reason for your noisy system in no time.
How often does the salt cell in my salt chlorinator need to be cleaned?
Answer: If it’s not a self-cleaning unit then once a week. If it is a self-cleaning unit every two to three weeks will be sufficient. Primarily, when you see white build up it will require someone's attention. If you use Backyard Pool & Spa’s weekly pool service we’ll clean them as often as we advised above. If you’re cleaning the cells yourself, mix 10% muriatic acid with water (make sure there is enough water to submerge the cells) and soak the cells until clean (15-20 minutes).
Backyard Pool & Spa is committed to providing high-quality pool & spa services and we take pride in our work!

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