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We strive to go above and beyond your expectations. Our team of trained technicians are licensed, insured and bonded. Rest assure that your pool is in good hands when you contact Backyard Pool & Spa to perform the repairs or renovations your swimming pool requires to keep it working properly.

Pool Drains

Most people don’t know this but over time your pools water will resist (and eventually stop) absorbing the chemicals needed to keep it fresh and crystal clear. When this happens, Backyard Pool & Spa will be here to help. Backyard Pool & Spa uses high powered pumps to drain your pool in about 1.5 hours. After we’ve purged the old water we’ll add fresh water followed by the right chemicals to balance your pool for your family’s health and safety. If you need your pool drained in the metro San Diego area, call Backyard Pool & Spa to get a FREE estimate.

Green Pool Treatment

If you’ve noticed that your pool is starting to look green, there is typically one main culprit: algae. When it first starts to take hold, your pool might be a light shade of green. But as the algae continue to bloom, you’ll notice deeper shades of green. There are a number of things that can cause algae development, including low free chlorine, extreme heat, heavy rains and poor circulation. But whatever the cause, it’s important to treat the problem as soon as possible to avoid any potential health issues and get your pool back to its crystal clear state. For green pool treatment in the San Diego area call the experts at Backyard Pool & Spa to get a FREE estimate.

Backyard Pool & Spa is committed to providing high-quality pool & spa services and we take pride in our work!

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